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Full On Grower Reviews

No kidding, I ran these same seeds last run and all of them finished a week to 10 days earlier using Full On at 5ml gallon every time I used Nectar.


Hello! Just wanted to shoot a quick message and say that I love the results I achieve when using Full-On. I push it hard with Nectar for the Gods products with great success. I also use it in my AeroGarden. And I enjoy the videos you put out with the OCG crew. Keep up the great work, hope you are having a good day!


I've reduced all my cycle times a week or more and some of the strains that took the longest, are now finishing with the rest. Being able to get another full cycle per year with better terp profiles and more weight is a game changer and adding serious money to our bottom line!


As a cultivation & extraction consultant its my job to know the best nutrients in the market. Ive used nearly every nutrient line out there and their additives and I gaurentee that Full On is the best organic additive in the market to date. I started using Full On over a year ago and have used it in over a dozen indoor grows this past year including a couple of outdoor hemp farms utilizing piviots and commercial greenhouses. My clients and I rave about the health, quality and yeild we get when using Full On. I will continue to use this amazing product for many more years to come. Thank you for making such a high quality and well formulated product Growswitch!

Audacious Farms

She didn't look this good last time I grew her but things change when you give them that #FullOn


Time to get more Full On!!! I've been using Full On for over a year and I love it!!! My garden loves it & my indoor plants are thriving!!! Thanks guys @growswitch you're the best & I'm excited for another outdoor grow season!!!

C. Nana

Full On by Grow Switch is just like hitting the switch. Bang, awesome plant development and a noticeable difference within days. Bigger stalks, better color, and overall healthier plants. Don't take our word for it, try a side-by-side for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

OC Seeds, OC Seeds

Wanted to let you know the second trial I did with the Full On turned out great, it was the best table in the bloom room. Killer yield, best I've done. 6.8 pounds on the test table, underneath two 1000 was HPS's (average for my system is 5.5 pounds per two light table, previous high was 6.3). I definitely want to order more for my next round!


I've been feeding my tomatoes a bi-weekly dose of Full On and I've never had healthier plants. Even with the 100 degree days they produce nonstop.

Hillside Hippie

First Mr Lincoln rose of the season is starting to bloom with the most amazing aroma I've ever smelled. Using Full On by Grow Switch has not only brought my moms memorial rose bush back to life, but it's also exuberant & tippled in size!!!!! Thanks guys!!!


Your product is so legit, I have to stop using it as directed because our plants just blow up and get mammoth

Sweet Leaf Farms

No problem. It’s easy to promote someone who has such a good product as you do Grow Switch. Never have seen my plants with such vigor. I cannot thank you enough.

Lifted Life Style

Thanks so much folks at Grow Switch. The proof is in the pudding. ? Great Product!

BJ Gardens

Love your product. These plants are super beautiful and crazy tough. I can barley break the curds on the big ones. I’m glad I found you guys!

Shut Up Joe Genetics

Yep, ‪WeedWorxs‬ & HerbTek are ‪FULLON‬ in this game with Grow Switch!!! This product has shown ‪amazing‬ growth & vigor. ‪Grow Switch‬ has caused ‪our ‎plants‬ to take a ridiculous leap in size over our control ‪grow room‬. We can’t wait to see ‪TeamFullOn‬ in action when these enter the ‪flower‬ room. Updates here on HerbTEK‬ soon!!! Currently, we’re ‪#‎indoor‬ due to ‪Colorado‬ climate (‪snow‬) but we can’t wait to get this in the ‪greenhouse‬ & ‪outdoors‬!!! If you like to ‪growyourown‬‬ like us, this product will save you both, ‪time‬ & ‪money‬!!! • • •


Full On is the real deal. Rapid lateral growth and vigor in veg, keeps nutrient ppm down. I’m still on the TWO bottle sample they sent will be purchasing a bottle when I run out. This is from a super soil guy who doesn’t even like bottled nutrients.


We love your product, huge improvements in our plants – game changer. Real words because of real results.

Sweet Leaf Farms

You guys knocked it out of the park with Full On!!! Best root development I’ve had, rate of growth is phenomenal????!!!


It’s literally been years since I’ve added a new product to my grows. Full On is in! Thank you for making a picky grower happy!


This stuff is amazing!! I won’t grow without it. Need to get more ASAP!


I had a friend that started using Full ON and he turned me on to it. This helped out my organic grow immensely. With organic nutrients my plants are growing like they are fed synthetic nutrients but the taste is awesome. Better then other organically grown plants with out Full On. I recommend to everyone that is growing.

J. Tomkins

I LOVE that there is finally an organic miracle supplement that I can use in my grow room for both veg and bloom with equal, awesome effectiveness! Since I started adding Full On to my nut regiment I have seen a spectacular increase in vigor and health on ALL of my girls. The cation exchange happening at my root zone is undeniable, where my plants would show me problems at the slightest stress before now they seem to grow despite me, happy and healthy all the while using less nutrients. I cant wait to see what the end results look like after seeing initial results like this. I will post what I think of what I get, and I cant wait to see what other great things that might come from Grow Switch if they can make a supplement like this!


I have been using Full On for several months now and let me tell ya’. This nutrient will blow your mind!! And your plants will love you for it. As a test, I planted some green beans, acorn squash, yellow squash, and some zucchini squash in SAND where grass did not exist. I have picked beans 3 times already!! (All plants were started by seed) talk about tasty!! Friend said they never had more flavorful and firm green beans. Another friend stopped by who uses same nutes as I and wanted to know why my stuff looked so much better. I told her to get some FULL ON.


Just a follow up review of your great product and a word of advice for all you non believers. 2 months into using your product I have finally got to harvest a group of girls that have only had full on since the beginning of flowering. gotta hand it to you guys not only am i impressed so are my patients ! You can expect your cuttings to have prolific root growth, your veg plants to explode and your flowering plants to keep green and healthy to the day of harvest. You’ll also notice about a week less flowering time,less nutrient use and a taste and smell you cannot deny.On my outside vegetables that only had two feedings of full on are still producing as of October 31st with the color and taste like no other. So here’s my advice to all you non believers order a small bottle for $14 and find out for yourself ! Great going guys ,keep up the research I look forward to more of your products in the future!


Magic Juice. that’s what i like to call it :). my plants love this stuff! I didn’t put enough amendments into my soil this year and my plants were suffering.. a friend recommended FULL ON and now I’m looking at a bumper crop! Thank you for making this awesome product!




Your product is Awesome! Thanks


This is dam good product, I’ve been using your product about 14 weeks or so in my drip system. I drip feed 1400 plant sites twice a week in my nutrient regimen. After the fruit sets I use your product in my foliar spraying, which I do every 10 days. The berries this year are the best we have ever grown just outstanding. The blueberries are producing berries the size of a nickel and as sweet as can be. Customers are buying them up, and talking about how incredible our berries are this year. Big Thanks to ya,

Berry Farmer

I can not rant and rave about this product enough! I’m saving money by using half the nutrients I would normally use and seeing vigorous growth. Full On has removed the purple I had in my stem by removing metals and impurities from my plant that naturally build up during your grow cycle. My last harvest I saw an increase in yeild by 3\4 a pound then my usual. Also, my buddy who runs same strains and nutrient regiment (besides full on) couldn’t get over how much sweeter my produce smelled and tasted. It’s a no brainer…..FULL ON is a must!


I’ve been growing with Full On for about 6 months now and it has transformed every single plant in my garden, regardless of the genetics. Everyone of my plants is super healthy, grows faster and I’m getting around 30% more weight. Best of all, my produce tastes incredible…much better than before I started using your product. I never thought that I could get so much better quality produce and more weight, using way less nutrients. Great product! Thank you!


I love your Full On. It’s awesome. Thank you


My plants are growing so fast and so big it’s unreal! This is the sh*t! Thanks for making a product that works as advertised. After my first harvest with full on I wont grow without it!


Hey Grow Switch, I am not quite sure what is in your formula, but it is amazing stuff. I have been using it for six weeks now and I have never seen my flowers do what they are doing. Rock hard, intense odor, big flowers, and still a month to go. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would not believe it .


Bros ,,, “The Juice” (FULL ON) is crazy amazing!!!

Jessie James

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