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It is recommended that you start with half strength (50%) of your favorite nutrient blend and gradually increase PPM’s. Some plants are especially sensitive to fertilizer so it is important not to overfeed your plants with too many NPK’s.


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42 thoughts on “FULL ON Feeding Suggestions

      1. Thanks for asking. Yes, you can use Full On with any nutrient line up. We do recommend that you cut back on NPK’s by 50% on the initial use, as it will dramatically increase nutrient uptake.

      1. Hi Kris, thank you for asking! We recommended cutting back 50% as a general caution (mainly for growers using salt based fertilizers) and mainly on the initial dose to make sure no excess nitrogen will cause any issues. With regard to Nectar, most growers that are using Nectar regimens are using them at 100% strength with Full On. Please feel free to email us with anymore questions at fullon@growswitch.com. Thanks again!

  1. I’m current using cyco professional I received a 2 samples at a trade show in Michigan. My question is how often to use this product on my plants? Once a week? Twice?

        1. Hi Rob, thanks for asking. Yes, you can use Full On with every feeding. Some larger facilities that utilize a reservoir will add ~ 2ml/gal of Full On in the res and may feed as often as everyday, depending on the plants and environment.

      1. This is by far the most amazing product I have ever used. You will see immediate results. More vibrant thicker growth.

    1. Hi Ryan, we have a line of products that we’ll be introducing. We’ll be starting with a new foliar, Bring It On and have several more products in development now.

    1. Hi Nick, Full On has been tested with most of the leading npk nutrients on the market. That being said, a lot of new npk base nutes are entering the market that we may not have tested and is why we recommend an initial 50% reduction in npk’s when first adding Full On to the root zone. Please let us know if you have questions about using Full On with a specific base nutrient. Cheers

      1. Has FullOn been used in conjunction with any Miller Soils products? I am leaning heavily towards their soils/amendments and I know their soils are enriched with goodness. How can I incorporate FullOn with the Miller Soils?


        1. Hi Nick, we’re big fans of Miller soils. Pretty sure we have growers in CO that use Full On with Miller soils. They make a great product and you’d just need to add 2 to 4ml/gal of Full On to the roots and 4ml/gal foliar. Thanks again!

    1. Hi there, absolutely! We’re big fans of Mills and have growers on the west coast running Full On with Mills and getting amazing results.

  2. Hello admin, I use Earth Juices SeaBlast line of nutes (Grow, Transition, and Bloom), which are very high NPK organic nutes, are there any possibilities of over kill here? also, I also use slow release Organics on certain crops (all indoor) what would the recommended dosage be for Organic nutes? thanks

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for asking. I don’t think you’ll have any issues with organic nutes. It’s the synthetic salts that burn plant tissue. That being the case, I’d reduced NPK’s on the initial application with Full On just to make sure. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Nigel, good question and thanks for asking. Full On will not clog spray heads at the recommended dilution rate (~2ml/gal in aquaponics) and since it doesn’t contain any microbials, the hydrogen peroxide should not be an issue when incorporating Full On. Cheers

    1. Hi Ed, thank you for asking! Yes, you can use Full On with an organic super soil. We’d suggest starting out with 2ml/gal of Full On for a root flush and also suggest a foliar at 8ml to 10ml/gal. Cheers

    1. Hi Corey,

      Thank you for asking! Yes, we have veg + bloom growers getting great results using 4ml/gal. We suggest feeding 2 to 3 times a week along a weekly foliar spray (at up to 10ml/gal).

      Thanks again.

  3. When growing in vegbloom do you still recommend to cut npk by 50%? I saw in the comment about you recommended using 4ml/gallon

    1. Hi Dylan, thanks for asking! We recommend a 50% reduction just on the initial (root drench) with Full On. Depending on what other additives you’re running, you will likely need to increase NPK’s gradually to maximize growth. A lot also depends on the genetics, environment and other additives used in the feeding regimen. Some growers will stay around 50% to 60% and others will increase back to 100%.

  4. I am using Nectar Roman method and plants are currently about mid flower stage. Thinking about adding Full On for the last few weeks.
    First question is it a good time to start? And will starting using full on help at this late in the season bringing plants to maturity?

    1. Hello and thank you for contacting us. You can start using Full On at anytime during all stages of growth. Full On will help plants produce more efficiently and will help to shorten your cycle time.

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