Full On

Full On began eight years as an “outside the box” organic biostimulant intended to increase nutrient availability and reduce the need for synthetic NPK’s. With the subsequent introduction of our proprietary nano ionic mineral matrix to the original formulation, we began to see and experience exciting and truly unique responses from all types of edibles and ornamentals almost immediately after applying. We knew that we had created a completely different type of organic biostimulant that produces new growth patterns and maximizes the genetic expression in a wide variety of plants, especially hemp and cannabis.

One of the biggest misconceptions because of the name correlation to another product, is that Full On is solely a fulvic acid product. The truth is that Full On is made up of over a dozen inputs, humic and fulvic acids are a small part of the formulation, although they do play in important role as do the amino acids, fish proteins, enzymes, plant surfactants, cold-water kelp and extracts. Along with a nano based mineral matrix that is derived from a geological formation millions of years in the making, that is comprised of over 76 minerals and elements along with both trace and ultra trace minerals, that have been naturally chelated over millions of years and carry a high negative ion charge. Just like in nature all inputs of this formulation work together in a synergistic way to create a very unique biological stimulant, acting as a rapid delivery system to aid in uptake and increase efficient utilization of base nutrients, resulting in superior vitality of plant tissue.

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