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Contamination Concerns Grow With Organic Farmers

By Kristen McConnaughey,

The rising popularity of organic farming means concerns over chemicals. Farmers say pesticide-drifting can cause millions of dollars in lost revenue or even destroy their farming operations all together.

People who work with farmers say they are seeing a rise in drifting issues as more people take up organic farming. They are trying to find ways to educate conventional farmers about their new neighbors.

Kathleen Bell started farming organically six years ago and shes always concerned about pesticides drifting in from other farms.

“If we think we have any pesticide on it or herbicide,” Bell said, “we have to go to a lab and get it tested and prove it.”

Doug Gucker helps educate farmers wishing to be organic.

“It’s a minimum of a 30 foot area strip all the way around your field,” Gucker said. “Youre taking a number of acres out of production you dont get money off of.”But if farmers dont, they could lose their premium label.”

They lose value to their customers because now they cant say its pesticide-free.”

Read the full story via Contamination Concerns Grow With Organic Farmers – SiouxlandMatters.

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