About Grow Switch LLC

Made by growers, for growers. Grow Switch LLC was created in order to introduce new organic and nano-based plant growth technologies to high value crop markets. We’ve been working with various types of organic growth nutrients for over a decade. We are now developing some of the most exciting new organic growth technologies available anywhere.

Our new proprietary organic nano based plant growth technologies are continually being developed and formulated to organically enhance growth especially in demanding and accelerated growing environments.

FULL ON gives your plants the nutrients they use to fully utilize and take advantage of excellent nutrients blends, high intensity lighting and new grow technologies available on the market today.

We look forward to introducing you to our new natural plant growth and plant health technologies. We welcome your questions and comments. Please call 949-542-6492 email us at turnon@growswitch.com.

Grow Switch LLC, Santa Barbara, California

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